(a.k.a. GTDbot or ChatGTD - need a new name.)

Taskbot is my prototype implementation of AI-first productivity software. I use it daily to help manage the scattered tasks and commitments in my life.

Note: If curious, I’ve also started collecting some general notes on LLMs for Productivity.

How it works

I keep tasks in Asana, events in Google Calendar, and documents in Notion. I also have a paper journal.

Taskbot is a sidecar that helps manage my system, somewhat like a human assistant would.

There are a few parts:

  • Chat: I can chat with taskbot at any time as I’m reviewing my task list. I iterate through open tasks and either work on the task or provide an update.

    This can lead to longer conversations if I need help or I’m not clear.

  • Management agent: In the background, a (semi-)autonomous agent manages my system. It organizes and clarifies tasks, and attempts to automate work.

    Importantly, the management agent relies on context from the chats above.

  • Web UI: Taskbot has a basic web UI with random utilities that I find fun/useful.


Here are some videos of me using Taskbot.

Process In Tray
I review new tasks and clarify or triage them.
Hierarchical Chat
How I implemented a hierarchical chat UI in Taskbot.
ReAct with Human-in-the-Loop
How I designed a ReAct-based scheduler that allows for human-in-the-loop.

What’s the goal here?

Taskbot is a hobby project with a single user (me). My goal is to see how I can use LLMs to improve my GTD system.

I’ve also been using Taskbot to explore new product ideas. While this is just a hobby project, it’s left me many ideas for potential real products. I hope to write more about them as I go.