Why hiring software engineers at half time - instead of full time - can be a great model.

LLMs for Productivity
Aug 23, 2023

Sortof like a white paper on how LLMs can impact task management/productivity. Work in progress.

Chat assistants are promising, but none actually perform all the actions I expect. I’m trying to build one, and it’s hard. This is my checklist for feels usable and not awkward.

How I use an LLM to prioritize tasks within a workflow. This is a narrow use case for LLMs within a larger product, but it represents a class of functionality that may become widespread.

Datetimes are hard in any software with sufficient scale. LLMs make them harder. This is my attempt at a single language_to_datetime function.

My AGI Bullet Points
Apr 30, 2023

Snapshot of how I feel about AGI after way too many podcasts.

A list of use cases that we’re exploring for applying LLMs to frontline operations.